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4/4 Master Violin, Old Antique Hand made Conservatory Violin (VH600E)

4/4 Master Violin, Old Antique Hand made Conservatory Violin (VH600E)

Style: Soil 1714, Cremonese 1715, Messiah 1716, Connon 1743, Kreiser 1730, Heifetz 1740, Ysaye 1740, Violin du Diable 1734
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Feature: Professional Violin duplication, copy of Stradivari or 1716"Messiah", 1712"Daviodoff" violin warm hand oil varnish, perfect sound production, the finest hand craftsmanship

1. Violins are handmade using high quality wood which has been dried for many years.  Best choice for professional players
2. Finest hand craftmanship and graduation. Rich powerful tone with superb clarity and focus
3. Many copy model avaiable: 1743 "Cannon", 1714"Soil", 1715"Cremonese", 1716"Messiah", 1712"Daviodoff" etc.
4. Material: Fine even-grained spruce top, nice flamed maple back &sides
5. Varnish: warm hand rubber oil varnish 
6. Accessories: Premium ebony fingerboard, pegs, chinrest, tailpiece. Not setup
7. Without string and bridge
8. Without case & bow
9. Size available: 4/4

1. Violin color: Attractive golden brown 
2. Minimum order: 2pcs

3.Supply ability:600 Pieces/Month

4.Delivery time:30-45 Days




Art.No Pcs/Carton Cbm/Carton G.w/Carton
VH600E 10 0.18 12 1500 



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