Master Yulong Guo’s guitar in Aileen company!

Classical Guitars and Acoustic Guitars by Chinese Master Luthier Yulong Guo—-Chinese Handmade Guitar Specialist 

Being a professional musical instruments supplier in China, we are glad to announce that we will be one of dealers of Master Yulong Guo’s guitar in worldwide.  


At this moment, Yulong Guo’s guitar has been very successful after firstly entered UK market last year-2011. John Williams, David Russell, Manuel Barrueco, and many acclaimed guitarists visited master Guo’s UK solo retailer, London Guitar Studio,  tried the guitars and praised a lot.


A rising British Mexican guitarist, Morgan Szymanski has taken Yulong Guo ‘Chamber Concert’ model as his concert instrument since May 2011, after the loss of his French made Dominique Delarue guitar. It is very unlikely that he would change for other guitars again. Actually, he’s going to play a concert on 22 Feb at London’s Wigmore Hall on his Yulong Guo guitar, after many concerts have been given and a CD has been recorded on the it by him. This has also interested the Classical Guitar Magazine in the UK. The magazine told it readers in a concert review that Morgan Szymanski was now playing on a Yulong Guo guitar, and is thinking to publish a story about the guitarist and his Yulong Guo guitar. More about Morgan Szymanski and Yulong Guo guitar can be found on the guitarist’s own website,

  Another female UK guitarist, Bridget Mermikides of Guitar Techniques magazine, also order a custom made Yulong Guo guitar as her new accompaniment and is going to record a CD on it. Yulong Guo guitar UK solo retailer London Guitar Studio has enjoyed a 13% increase of their sales in 2011 despite the gloomy economic atmosphere. As they said, Yulong Guo guitars have contributed a lot to that achievement.  More information of this guitars can be found on the luthier Yulong Guo’s website 

In 2012, there are three models of classical guitar, basic model ‘Soloist’, higher model ‘Chamber Concert’ and upper model ‘Concert’. All models are made with Nomex double top of Cedar or Spruce, lattice or fan braced.  

Model ‘Soloist’ is very much like a conventional classical guitar with rosewood back and sides, except for the Nomex double top. A common fan bracing system is standard for this model.

 Model ‘Chamber Concert’ is with Indian rosewood back and sides, but the back is arched. There is also a second sound port on the guitar side, and an armrest. A lattice bracing system developed by Yulong Guo is associated with this model as standard. 

Model ‘Concert’ is designed very much like model ‘Chamber Concert’, but with high grade Koa back and sides, and a refined specially designed fan system as standard. Yulong Guo lattice bracing system can be an option for this model with no extra charge, if required.


We are very confident to say that, Yulong Guo guitars offer the innovative Nomex double top plus lattice bracing classical guitars on the lowest price in the world. Nowaday, in British market,the retailing price for Yulong Guo’s Chamber Concert is 2500. In Australian market, the retialing price is about USD3500. This is just for reference.  

More information about Yulong Guo’s guitar and interesting about the regional distribution, please contact with us immedaitely. Regional distributor is recuiting! 

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